Custom Cable Assemblies 

Get Custom Cable Assemblies in Bangalore from NS Engineers. Cable assemblies are a group of wires or cables covered by a much more intensive exterior product. In general, they are made from heavy-duty materials, including shrink-wrapped thermoplastic, thermoplastic rubber, or vinyl. These assemblies serve a similar function to wire harnesses, including keeping wires and cables organized, but are designed for entirely different environments. NS Engineers are custom cable manufactures.

Our selection of cable assemblies ranges from simple jumpers to power and high-speed data cables to complex harnesses. They are used in a wide variety of applications and industries to interconnect components, sub-systems, and equipment. We have been the main hotspot for specially crafted cable assemblies in Bangalore.

NS Engineers‘ cable assemblies provide system designers an extensive selection of interconnect solutions across a wide range of industries and applications. NS Engineers are one of the best manufactures of Cable Assemblies in Bangalore. Order accepted would be considered with high priority and we deliver your tools within the estimated time.

  1. Various kinds of wire harness, custom cables, cables for CNC machines, electrical cables, consumption cables as per Design and drawings provided by the customers
  2. Both local and original components available, according to customers’ requirement
  3. Components UL,CE,VDE certificated, all materials comply with RoHS and REACH,and ISO9001 certificates
  4. 100% electrical tests, pull test solder and continuity test before delivery
  5. Production lead time normally 2-3 weeks
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