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Han® connectors provide for reliable and pluggable transmission of power, signal, and data, meeting the highest requirements. In addition to its rectangular heavy-duty standard design, the Han® series offers modular, compact, and lightweight connectors that deliver a wide range of solutions for the machinery, transportation, energy, automotive, and device connectivity sectors. We are the best Harting connectors distributors in Bangalore. Get Harting Connectors from NS Engineers. Unique inserts and contacts for terminal connectors are accessible to coordinate the specific techniques of the wire end. As a leading Harting Connectors distributor in India, We provide Harting cable connector, ethernet switch, current sensor, RJ 45 plugs, coupler, and other tools.

Applications of Harting Connectors in Railway Signaling

  • Harting Crimping tools

    Crimping Tools


  • harting tools suppliers in Bangalore | NS Engineersharting tools suppliers in Bangalore

    Han Kit® 10 B

    This is a HAN 10B Metal Kit which includes:

    Hood – HAN 10B Side Entry Metal
    Housing – Straight Bulkhead Mount
    Male and Female Inserts – 10 poles (plus ground)
    Contacts – screw terminated already loaded in the connector (18-14 Awg)
    Cable Gland – M25

    • Kit is only one part number resulting in easy ordering and inventory control
    • No special tools required (Field Termination)
    • High number of cycles
    • Low actuation force
    • Robust/Durable heavy-duty protection
  • Press-in -tools - harting

    Han® ES Press

    HARTING fulfills these requirements with the Han® ES Press. 

    • Delta connection
    • Star connection
    • Multiplication Delta connection
    • Portfolio plug-in jumpers
    • Portfolio inserts
  • Harting Circular connectors

    Han® M23 Circular Connector

    Han® M23 Power-Hybrid offers convincing high current carrying capacity.

    Han® M23 Power specializes in the transmission of power and signals. It has a high current carrying capacity and can also transmit signals. The field of application includes drive technology as well as all areas with increased demands on vibration safety and protection against dust and water as well as other external mechanical influences. In addition, there are applications in which effective shielding against electromagnetic interference is required.


    • Size M23
    • High contact density
    • Robust hoods and housings for industrial applications
    • Assembly requires no tools
    • Good EMC properties
    • 6 to 19 contacts
    • Crimp, solder, and PCB solder connections
  • Harting Ethernet connectors distributors

    Harting Ethernet Cable

    Industrial Cat. 5e stranded cable, 4-wire Type B


    Sheath material PVC / PUR
    • Category 5
    • Number of wires 4
    • Wire design AWG 22/7
    • Wire diameter 6.5 mm


    • Robust design suitable for industry
    • PROFINET compliant (Green)
    • SERCOS III compliant (Red)
    • Easy stripping of cable sheath and screening braid
    with stripping tool 09 45 800 0000
    • RoHS compliant


    • To build-up PROFINET / SERCOS III system cable

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