Leoni Cables Supplier in Bangalore, India

Innovative solutions based on development and systems partnership

Especially in the automotive industry, LEONI offers substantial added value to motor vehicle manufacturers in both technological and commercial terms by being an innovation partner based on a profound understanding of the overall system and by being involved in the early stages of development.

LEONI concentrates its automotive research and development work on the sector’s major trends such as electromobility, autonomous driving, and connectivity – enhanced by lightweight construction solutions, multi-voltage, and function integration, but also by logistics and engineering expertise.

  • Single Core Cables

    Core Cables – Single Core Cables ≤ 125 °C

    Standard cables with the highest quality

    Our automotive cables are the reliable and efficient connection for each wiring system. We offer an extensive range of products with various OEM and Tier 1 approvals. We supply both by international standards and the specification of all major international automobile manufacturers and ensure a more consistent high LEONI quality.

  • Core Cables

    LEONI Adascar® – Multi-core Cables

    Multi-core automotive cables for safe and reliable driver assistance

    With LEONI Adascar we offer a comprehensive product portfolio of multi-core shielded and unshielded cables. Divided into the areas of application Control, Comfort, Power, Safety, Sensor and Truck the cables reliably fulfill the respective chemical, electrical, mechanical and thermal requirements of their areas of applications.

  • Coaxial Cables

    LEONI Dacar® – Data & Coaxial Cables

    Cables for rapid information and communication in the vehicle

    Coaxial Cables: LEONI Dacar cover both symmetrical and unsymmetrical cables. Symmetrical cables include multi-core, shielded and unshielded cables for data transmission within the vehicle. For antenna applications, we offer unsymmetrical coaxial cables with foamed or solid dielectric.

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