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Harting Ethernet Cable

Industrial Cat. 5e stranded cable, 4-wire Type B


Sheath material PVC / PUR
• Category 5
• Number of wires 4
• Wire design AWG 22/7
• Wire diameter 6.5 mm


• Robust design suitable for industry
• PROFINET compliant (Green)
• SERCOS III compliant (Red)
• Easy stripping of cable sheath and screening braid
with stripping tool 09 45 800 0000
• RoHS compliant


• To build-up PROFINET / SERCOS III system cable

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Harting Ethernet connectors distributors. Harting Industrial Ethernet switches Dealers in Bangalore.
We give a consistent selection of components and cabling products for the Ethernet network, from the Convergent Automation IT Networks communication framework. The unmanaged Harting Industrial Ethernet connectors from the Ha-VIS eCon series presently offer you, further new models, with RJ45 and fiber optic link ports to empower the productive setup and extension of your Ethernet networks. Organizations in current creation offices are getting increasingly complex. RJ45 and fiber optic cable ports enable the efficient setup and expansion of your Ethernet networks. The Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 families allow you to react optimally to every spatial and application situation.

The HARTING Ethernet connectors dealers offer a wide range of Industrial Ethernet Switches and many more products for electronic devices.

Additional information

Cable structure

Star quad, double shielding

Core structure

4 x AWG 22/7, tinned copper wire, stranded

Wire insulation

PE, Ø 1.56 mm

Sheath material


Cable sheath diameter

6.5 mm

Transmission performance

Category 5e / Class D up to 100 MHz acc. to ISO / IEC 11 801:2002,
EN 50 173-1

Transmission rate

10/100 Mbit/s


Shielding foil and shielding braid

Operating temperature range

– 40 °C … +70 °C




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