Harting Circular connectors

Han® M23 Circular Connector

Han® M23 Power-Hybrid offers convincing high current carrying capacity.

Han® M23 Power specializes in the transmission of power and signals. It has a high current carrying capacity and can also transmit signals. The field of application includes drive technology as well as all areas with increased demands on vibration safety and protection against dust and water as well as other external mechanical influences. In addition, there are applications in which effective shielding against electromagnetic interference is required.


  • Size M23
  • High contact density
  • Robust hoods and housings for industrial applications
  • Assembly requires no tools
  • Good EMC properties
  • 6 to 19 contacts
  • Crimp, solder, and PCB solder connections
  • Description


M23-style electrical circular connectors are primarily used in industrial applications to connect electrical drives, encoders and servo-motors. The M23 refers to the type of thread used when the cable plug & receptacle is attached. Because of its robust nature, and the combination of power and signal pins built into the design, the M23 connector is flexible.

Interface connectors. Harting interface connectors are utilized on the data, signal, and power lifelines needed for modern gadgets. See item subtleties.

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