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LED Machine Lamps – LED TIRE LAMP

Types:                             Modular 1 to 5 stage tiers
Operating Voltage:       24V DC / 230V AC
LEDs:                              High intensity colour LEDs
Color:                              Red / Amber / Green / Blue / White
Mounting:                      Horizontal / vertical mounting with switch
Optional:                        Flasher / Buzzer
Lamp Diameter:           60mm
Stand:                             5″- long SS pipe with plastic moulded base tor easy mounting S PIPE -Different lengths are available.

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The LED machine lamp is used in the poorly lit areas around a machine to provide illumination. Compared to its halogen equivalent, the LED machine lamps offer an extra cutting edge by consuming less electricity, maintaining the same lighting effect it offers. These lamps are non-reactive and highly inflammable to dust moisture and therefore prove to be a helpful workplace product.

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