Why rubber is used for tire

Rubber Tire Mould Mini Vents

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Rubber tire mold manufacturers in Bangalore.
During the molding process in tire production, air needs to escape from the inside of the mold . Traditionally, small vent holes are drilled into each block of the tread to allow the air to escape. These vent-holes bring along several disadvantages, such as

• Rubber pins (flash) as witness marks are expensive to remove
• Need to remove these pins may complicate work-flow in production
• Vent-holes may become clogged, thus interrupting process flow
• Unesthetic look

Why Rubber is used to make tires?Easy to put a solid rubber tire on a rim. Rubber adds grip to the tires.

The special tire mold venting valves TMV and TMV-S undertake the task of venting and not only provide the tire with a more aesthetic appearance but also help to noticeably reduce production costs. Our craftsmanship and capacities working with tire mold are unequaled in the business.

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